We have been agents since 1938 and help our partners with,
to distribute throughout the Nordic region.

What we do

We help paper and artist producers from all over Europe with distribution throughout the Nordic region.

We have been agents for paper, cardboard and artist producers since 1938 and therefore have extensive experience and a broad contact surface, partly with producers but also with customers throughout the Nordic region. Our network of producers are all major paper producers and artist producers from all over Europe.

We distribute industrial and commercial paper as well as artist and hobby products, through our many agencies and networks of factories throughout Europe. We are a great support and help to find exactly the products our customers demand.

You can see our partners below and read more about them and their products by clicking on their logo.


Agency and trade

company established in 1938, specializing in paper and processing of paper products.

Head office

Langebjerg 12, Roskilde

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+45 46 55 13 00


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