Who are Bethien A/S

Agency and trading company established in 1938, specializing in paper and processing of paper products

Who are Bethien A/S

About us

Bethien was founded in 1938 and started as a small agency, especially for Dutch paper factories. For more than 80 years, we have developed into an agency and trading company, specializing in paper and processing of paper products. We distribute industrial and commercial paper, as well as artist and hobby products, through our many agencies and our large network of factories, throughout Europe. Thus, we are a great support and help, to find exactly the products our customers demand. We have a strong focus on sustainability and the environment. That is why we have also chosen to be Swan-labeled, FSC-certified, A-labeled and Der Blaue Engel certified, so that we ensure sustainable products and a significantly better environment.

We distribute our large stock range as well as customer-specific products of creative products to schools, institutions and the hobby industry. We also have a wide range of framing products for frame wholesalers, artist articles as well as office paper.

In our flexible production in Roskilde, we refine paper products for the school, institution, artist and hobby industry with a high degree of quality, flexible solutions and precise deliveries.



We want to be the best and most reliable supplier to the school, institution, hobby and artist industry in Northern Europe and at the same time be the most preferred agent of customers, but also of the producers, where environment and sustainability are part of everyday life.

The employees

Johan Harsbo

Owner & sales manager
+45 28 88 10 53 jh@bethien.dk

Michael Morild

Product manager
+45 46 55 13 00 mm@bethien.dk

Karina Flysta Nielsen

+45 26 88 10 00

Samuel Holger Sonne

+45 46 55 13 00

Laurits Bach

Sales & Purchase 
+45 26 88 10 01

Berit Larsen

+45 26 88 10 02 bl@bethien.dk

Nikita Rasmussen

+45 26 88 10 02 nr@bethien.dk

Jan Markussen

Production manager

Olga Chezepenkova

Production assistant

Rikke Bech Skovlund

Warehouse manager

Yuliia Hozhko

Production assistant

Markus Kirkedal
Production assistant
Kim Hendrichsen

Warehouse assistant

Marcel Mlynarcik
Production assistant
Mohamad Aziz

Production assistant

Medarbejder Chris
Mürüvvet Öcal Yilmaz

Production assistant

Agency and trading company established in 1938, specializing in paper and processing of paper products

Head office

Langebjerg 12, Roskilde

Call us

+45 46 55 13 00



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